School proprietors pledge to embrace SOPs

In Summary
  • Schools are to provide fruits to school children
  • School nurses have been given enough training to handle children 
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Courtesy photo

As schools prepare to reopen come 10th January 2022, school proprietors have continued to avail all possible alternatives to deter the further spread of COVID-19.

The second time schools were closed by the president H.E Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni, he said that schools were one of the centers of the spread of covid19, however this time around, school proprietors have strengthened strategies against the spread of this novel virus.

Ssewagude Isma the Director  at Bukhar Junior School, "children will be given fruits as a means of boosting their health and on top of that school, nurses have also been given enough training to manage children in case they contract the virus."

Another Headmistress who preferred anonymity said that they are encouraging parents to be inclusive. Especially for the day scholars. Parents should monitor their children's health and avoid bringing sick children to school. She also asked parents to supplement their children's diet by packing fresh fruits and vegetables. 

He added that there will be an effective following of the Standard operating procedures saying that, this will not give a chance to the spread of Covid-19 in schools again.

Dr.Sabrina  Kitaka, a Pediatrician says that parents should work hand in hand with schools and provide the requirements asked by the schools and Ministry of Health so that it becomes easy for children to safely learn adding that teachers shouldn’t get tired of always reminding school children to follow SOPs.

Parents encouraged schools not to allow visitors saying that visits  may put children at a high risk of contracting the virus, they also noted that schools should avoid any situation that may lead to their  closure

Parents are also urging teachers not to point fingers at girls that conceived but rather counsel them.