Are you suffering from common flu and cough or COVID-19?

In Summary
  • The public confuses the surging flue and cough with Omicron
  • People should go for tasting before they  self medicate

Doctors attribute the surging cough and flu to self-medication by the public. They say that people have made it a habit to skip medical checkups and opt for self-prescriptions.

In an interview, Dr. Louis Mubangizi of Nakasero hospital explained that there is currently too much flu and cough in several communities coexisting with omicron. He adds that it is possible for one to have flu and cough yet test negative for COVID-19. Some of these ailments existed before though present as symptoms of COVID-19.

 A Doctor who preferred anonymity noted that the fact that this third wave of covid19 (Omicron) doesn’t cause severe disease compared to the first two waves, the public has continued to confuse it with flue which has increased its spread.

One of the victims of this cough, Nakazibwe Winnie a Hair Dresser says that she is experiencing a very challenging time health-wise that the kind of cough now is dry and she keeps having an itchy throat. However, she admits that she can not afford to spend money on a COVID-19 test. She has therefore decided to opt for herbal medicine and tea coupled with paracetamol. 

Nakazibwe added that sometimes clients are afraid to take her services as they fear that she may have contracted COVID-19. She also keeps her mask on as a precaution.

Atukunda Carol a housewife also narrated that her family got infected with  COVID-19, her inclusive but they went to a nearby clinic, got medication and they are now fairing, she was clear that none of them went through a medical check-up.

Officials at the Ministry of health have been vocal about Ugandans taking precautionary measures. They ask that Ugandans continue to follow  Standard Operating procedures against the COVID-19 spread. They also encourage those who are unwell to go do tests and be treated.