Winnie Byanyima Publicly Defends her son Anslem

In Summary
  • She says her son looks gorgeous.
Courtesy photo
Winnie Byanyima and son Anselm Courtesy photo

Winnie Byanyima has come out to defend the lifestyle of her son Anselm saying that he is gorgeous and also reminded the public that she is Anselm’s mother.

In a tweet on Thursday 6th December , Byanyima the Executive Director UNAIDS and also a wife to the opposition politician, Dr.Kizza Besigye spoke out about the negative opinions that Ugandans have always shared online in regards to Anselm.

She said that the  negative opinions Ugandans have over her son don’t take away the fact that he looks gorgeous.


These sentiments are largely concerned with Anselm’s lifestyle, his signature dreadlocks, and the dress code among other things that some Ugandans believe is “odd”.

Ugandans also question his sexual orientation and for a long time Byanyima has been quiet over this criticism.

Anslem has spent most of his adult life out of Uganda, considering that his mother has worked in Europe and the U.S for a long period of time, certainly the environment around him has influenced his lifestyle.