Making new year's resolutions? Seek professional help

In Summary
  • People use internet to guide them which is not right
  • The public shouldn't give up on setting year resolutions  regardless of the situation.
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At the start of the year, people make annual resolutions but due to the challenging times we have been in for the past two years, some people have given up on making these resolutions.  Life Coach Joan Mugenzi and Mental Health Expert Tabaro agree that lack of professional guidance is one of the major hindrances of the materialization of such resolutions.

Joan Mugenzi a Transformational Master Coach says that these days while taking on their resolutions, people no longer seek Professional advice but instead turn to the internet (google) which may not be as effective and applicable to one's life. 

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Joan Mugenzi a Transformational Master Coach Courtesy photo

She adds that during this period, people have continued making New year's resolutions but lack effective knowledge that can aid them in minimizing the challenges that come with failure to achieve.

Mugenzi noted that this failure makes many of them give up on setting year resolutions which again affects their lives.

Katumba Patrick a resident of Mpigi said that he used to believe in year resolutions but he kept failing to meet them and now he doesn't bother anymore, he just runs his life without plans.

Nakalembe Sandra a resident of Nankulabye shares the same sentiments with Katumba. She explained that making new year's resolutions in this period is a wastage of time but is thinks they are a shortcut to depression and unnecessary pressure.

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Egan Patrick Tabaro a Psycotherapist Courtesy photo

Psychotherapist Egan Patrick Tabaro, admits that the pandemic had a toll on but warns against giving up.

Like Mugenzi, Tabaro also said that people need to set their goals under Professional guidance, Some people never realize that there is a need to invest time and other incentives to hit one's targets.

"Failure to meet your goals does not define you as a failure but rather should help you pick a few lessons, " explains Tabaro.

Ndagire Martha a resident of Makerere narrated that she is a planner and always weighs her success or failure according to how far she achieves these goals. She says that these guide her expenditure as well.