Teachers focus on counseling learners first

In Summary
  • Counseling will boost learners' learning interest.
  • Rushing into normal lessons may make them hate school more
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Schools officially reopened on Monday 10th January 2022, teachers of several schools say they are prioritizing interesting learners in school routines and learning.

Capital FM spoke to several teachers who indicated that rushing into normal lessons may make some learners hate school more.

Mother Mbiire a Teacher at Crested Crane Primary School, Kawaala explained that some learners have had terrible experiences in the last two years. "Some of them may be still shocked that they are at school, others lost their parents while others might have survived the lethal COVID-19 disease, especially during the second wave. These circumstances may hinder them from concentrating immediately." Said Mbiire

She explained that they will use a couple of co-curricular activities to help learners adjust and polish their ability to learn while restoring orderliness amongst them.

She urged school proprietors to boost teachers’ teaching morale by offering them refresher workshops and allowances.

Isiko Ronald, a teacher at Gombe High School expressed confidence saying that the training they have received has made them aware of the changes their learners have been through. He adds that with constant counseling, he is positive the students will be restored to order. "We shall continue to engage the learners on the value of education", Said Isiko.

Nakajumba Alice, a teacher at Good times Primary Schools revealed that, as professional teachers, they are not going to focus on the past but rather welcome learners the way they are citing those that became mothers.

However, she advised parents not to give up on counseling children mostly day scholars saying that if teachers and parents do this together, learners will reset their minds and fully concentrate on learning.