Does investing money in mega parties mean that people appreciate life?

In Summary
  1. People invest too much money in organizing mega parties
  2.  Psychotherapists say that it’s caused by pressure from different angles of life
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Mega parties have become part of every Ugandan in this era  , however Psychotherapists say that it’s caused by pressure from different angles such as social media, friends, and enemies among others.

Long ago people celebrated and appreciated life by organizing simple  activities where all of them  could participate in,parties  such as Spear throwing, bull fights, Beer parties and this way of celebrating life never needed a lot of money

These days it’s a different case where by one can organize as many parties as possible with in a short period of time. Parties organized include, birthday, baby shower, gender revealing, after birth, house warming, engagement, bridal shower, and so many others.


All in all money is one of the basics that make those parties enjoyable, money caters for decoration, sound system,cake,performers ,food ,drinks, photographer among others.

That brought us to questions like do people invest all that much money in parties as a new way of celebrating life or they do all that to prove a point to either their friends or enemies.

According to Egan Patrick Tabaro one of the Psychotherapists in the country ,it is well that people have now learnt to appreciate life and celebrate it but they  make a mistake of faking life  and end up spending the little money they have on mega parties.

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Egan Patrick Tabaro a Psychotherapist Courtesy photo

He explained that this generation is pressured to live a certain life style they cannot afford because they assume that they should be seen spending money citing that some people borrow money to organize those parties leaving them in debts.

Tabaro added that everyone mostly those under forty years seems desperate to show they have attained a certain level of rich which is not right because being rich is not all bout spending extravagantly but rather investing.

Unlike Psychotherapists several stakeholders who make parties shine such as decorators pointed out that the existence of these parties does them well because through them, they get money to make ends meet.

Max Phiona the Chief Executive Officer for Tmax Events and Flowers noted that it gives her joy whenever she sees people partying reasoning that as decorators it even makes them more creative.

However Max advised clients to always make affordable budgets so that they don’t end up into lifetime debts.

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Max Phiona the Chief Executive Officer for Tmax Events and Flowers Courtesy photo