Women in big positions for failing to support their fellows at the grassroots

In Summary
  • Bad Black says that women in big positions are selfish
  • She asks government to follow-up on  women financial  empowerment programs
Ugandan Socialite Bad Black
Image: Courtesy Photo

Renowned Socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa alias Bad black has blamed women in big leadership positions for failing to support fellow women at grass root levels.

Bad black said that it's hard for women to acquire leadership positions but even the few that have acquired them focus on satisfying their own needs.

She explained that others just fight fellow women instead of helping them to prosper. She says that is not right because it has made many women resort to practicing immoral activities including prostitution to earn a living.

Bad black urged women at grass root levels to independently work hard reasoning that those in bigger positions are not willing to help them succeed. 

She also called upon the government to always follow up on women's financial empowerment programs to ensure that they effectively benefit.