Local council, Mayoral elections happening, voting in some areas cancelled

By Patricia Osman

Vote counting continues in different districts across the country after Ugandans cast their vote in the local government leader’s elections.

The election which comes barely a week after the Presidential and parliamentary election has generally attracted fewer participants with a number of concerns.

There were similar reports from across the country of mishap in the name and photos of candidates, late delivery of polling materials and no ballot papers in the ballot boxes among others.

Elections in some areas were cancelled and a fresh exercise to be conducted as will be announced by the electoral commission.

Nabila Nagayi Sempala who is a candidate for the position of City lord mayor strongly accuses the electoral commission of intentionally frustrating voters by mixing up ballot boxes from one polling station to another.

Christopher Acire a candidate for the Gulu Mayoral seat says it is important that all elective positions be accorded the same priority and attention like that of the Presidential and Parliamentary polls adding that conducting elections on the same day will ensure collective participation of voters.

Sulaiman Onzima, the FDC candidate for the position of Madi Okollo district chairperson expressed anger with the organisation saying that the mix-up could have been a deliberate move by the electoral body.

In Sembabule District the Returning Officer Robert Beine was prompted to call off the election, hours after the start of the exercise, following complaints about the mismatch of the candidate’s particulars.

“We tried to rectify the anomaly in some areas but later noticed that it would gravely affect the election outcome”, he said.

Now the electoral commission which is fully mandate to conduct these elections will have to announce new dates and days of polling for those areas that had the exercise cancelled.