Mabirizi challenges Museveni’s directive to release people arrested for idleness and disorderliness

By Sania Babirye
Controversial Kampala litigant Kiwanuka Mabirizi is at it again with challenging one of the directives made by government officials including President Museveni’s order to release all persons arrested tried and convicted on charges of being idle and disorderly.

Mabirizi has today filed an application in the high court challenging the said directive on grounds that it is illegal, irrational and beats common sense.

Mabirizi who represents himself in all his petitions has sworn an affidavit in which he claims that President Museveni has no powers to direct the Uganda Police force to not enforce the laws of Uganda or direct the release of persons arrested by police.

Mabirizi also says that the president can not district the discontinuance of a case, direct release of a person without the advise of the committee on prerogative of mercy and that the said directive was issued in a procedure which is not proper.

He has now asked the high court to squash the said directive and prohibition of any Ugandan official or agency from implementing the said directive.

He is also seeking a permanent injunction restraining any government official, or its agencies from implementing the said directive and General damages plus costs to the suit.

According to Mabirizi, prohibition arrest of any person suspected to have committed a crime of idle and and disorderly, ordering for immediate release, stop any prosecution and discharge those already convicted and incarcerated after failing to pay a one million fine as communicated in the 01 October 2019 circular by the Inspector General of police is illegal and over passes the powers of President Museveni and that of the I GO.