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Mabirizi drags Justice Sekana to JSC over misconduct

By Sania Babirye

Controversial City lawyer Male Mabirizi has petitioned the Judicial service commission to have High court Justice Musa Sekana dismissed as a judge due to alleged incompetence and misconduct.

Mabirizi’s petition before the JSC comes after Justice Sekana dismissed his petition in which he thought to have Electoral Commission chairman Justice Simon Byabakama removed from office saying he was holding the said office illegally since he never resigned officially as a judge.

Mabirizi claims that Justice Sekana was not only incompetent but his actions during hearing of the said dismissed case was a judicial fraud.

He claims that Justice Sekana admitted that he worked for EC for over 20 years and yet in 2006, he represented the Electoral commission in a case that was challenging the nomination of FDC presidential candidate Col.Kizza Besigye.

Mabirizi is further faulting Justice Sekana of refusing to excuse himself from hearing the said case due to conflict of interest when he asked him to do since he had represented EC before, and the fact that Justice Byabakama was his colleague as a fellow judge.

Mabirizi has also alleged that during the hearing of the said case, justice Sekana unfairly treated him when he threatened to throw him out of court and cause his arrest on top of justice Sekana telling him that he was submitting rubbish many times which shows that he was biased.

While dismissing Mabirizi’s case, justice Sekana accused Mabirizi of filling the said petition out of the required time.

By law, Mabirizi was meant to file the said case within the first three month of justice Byabakama’s appointment but instead Mabirizi filed his case almost three years since he filed it on the 29th of November 2019 yet Justice Byabakama was appointed on the 7th of January 2017.