Mabirizi’s land case against the Kabaka thrown out

By Daudi Zirimala
Buganda Kingdom has welcomed the court of appeal ruling for dismissing Male Mabirizi Case against his Majesty  Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II over his land.
Speaking after the ruling the kingdoms attorney General David Mpanga said that the court judges unanimously agreed that Mabirizi case against Kabaka was doubtful because he is not a tenant on Kingdom land.
Three judges  dismissed Mabirizi case saying the bank accounts of the king he wanted to access weren’t part of the case and ordered Mabirizi to pay costs the kingdom incurred during the court process.
Mpanga says that Mabirizi had no permission to open a case against Kabaka on behalf of his tenants,therefore this ruling should act as deterrent measure against this who wish to humiliate his Majesty the Kabaka.