Makerere youth demand that the president sacks Bank of Uganda top managers

By Deo Wasswa

A group of anti corruption crusaders are calling on President Yoweri Museveni to sack the top management of Bank of Uganda official on accusing them of failure to execute their role which they say has led the closure of several banks in the country and an increase of interest rate.

These people who are under Makerere University Economic Forum  and Youth Power research center are citing several financial institutions that have closed, they say, it is wrong for the economy to be in a worrying  situation for a long time yet the same people are still in exchange of its management.

Addressing journalists at Makerere, Sempala Zaidi, the secretary general youth power research center and Nuwabiine Brian, the leader of  economic forum at Makerere university noted that it’s high time  the president to come out and clean the bank of Uganda because there is  clear signs that the bank has been eaten by Kawukumi.

Nuwabiine added that as economics students they worried where to work if that trend of closing such institutions that would employ them is continuing.