Mao faults Masaka DP leaders for selfishness

By Robert Segawa

The opposition Democratic party has announced the indefinite suspension of DP and Uganda Young Ddemocrats reunion caravan following the chaos that occured last Friday  in Masaka.

Addressing journalists at DP offices in Kampala, Party president Nobert Mao, apologized on behalf of DP citing that the party was embarrassed before the invited guests and it also violated the intentions of the reunion.

He disclosed that as party leader’s they would convene a retreat to harmonize on how the reunion drive would go on without ugly incidents such as those witnessed in Masaka.

Mao faulted DP leader’s in greater Masaka who used the reunion for their selfish gains causing the party such an embarrassment.

He added that the reunion is not intended to help individuals seek political positions but to unite the party leader’s and give DP leverage to lead a United front to liberate Uganda.