Married man sent to jail for defiling under age house help

By Sania Babirye

A man who allegedly defiled his 16 year old housemaid has been charged and remanded at Kitalya government prison.

He has been identified as 32 year old Nicholas Emwano, a resident of Makindye Mubaraka zone in Makindye division within Kampala district.

He appeared before Makindye court chief Magistrate Patience Lonah Tukundane which charged him with aggravated defilement which attracts a maximum sentence of death upon conviction, because the victim was under his care.

The magistrate did not not allow him to say anything since he is charged with a capital offense that is only triable and bailed by the High court and remanded him until the 10th of July for mention of his case.

Prosecution insists that, Emwano in the month of January 2020 at Mubaraka zone Makindye in Kampala performed sexual act with a 16year old girl when he was a person in the authority over the victim as her employer.