Medical specialists ask Government to set up regional Kidney centers

By Alice Lubwama
The Uganda Kidney foundation has asked government to set up regional kidney centers to save the lives of many Ugandans who struggle to seek for treatment from only two government centers in the country.

Right now patients with kidney problems can only seek treatment from only two government facilities including kiruddu and Mbarara hospitals.

While addressing the press prior to parliament health week that kicks off tomorrow, the chairperson of the foundation Dr. Joseph Gyagenda , noted that kidney diseases remain silently ignored by government yet many people including young children lose lives due to lack of treatment.

According to Dr.Gyagenda the country has only 8 specialized doctors in kidney diseases who can only handle 0.05% of the problem.

Gyagenda also cites the high cost of treatment that goes to over 3 million shillings if detected early, which he says many Ugandans cannot afford.

“We only get a few people coming to us because of the scarcity of the services, so people come to us late and that’s why their survival is very low.” Gyagenda said

He said that the foundation has worked out a onetime investment budget of 586 million shillings for each regional hospital to save Ugandans from moving long distances to seek for treatment and they will present it to both parliament and ministry of health.

The vice chairperson of the Parliamentary health committee Baguma speranza is saddened that the country lacks expertise in treatment of kidney diseases among young children saying that those whose parents cannot afford treatment abroad can only wait to die.

She has however called for more funding for treatment of the disease and also trains more doctors in the same field.

Recently experts warned Ugandans against self medication and use of herbal medicines, saying the practices cause acute kidney injury which
may progress into chronic kidney disease.

Chronic kidney disease is a growing health burden in Uganda that is affecting the economic, social and physical livelihoods of patients and their family members.

Kidney disease specialists at Mulago Hospital’s say that it affects mainly Ugandan adults aged between 20 and 50.

Ten indicators of Kidney diseases

You’re more tired, have less energy or having trouble concentrating.

You’re having trouble sleeping.

You have dry and itchy skin.

You feel the need to urinate more often.

You see blood in your urine..

Your urine is foamy.

You’re experiencing persistent puffiness around your eyes.

Your ankles and feet are swollen.

You have a poor appetite.

Your muscles are cramping.Kidney