Minister explains allocation of research money to Makerere university

By Alice Lubwama

The state minister for finance in-charge of general duties Gabriel Adjedra has explained that all research money was granted to Makerere University after it presented the best proposal as approved by the university vetting committee.

Adjedra’s explanation came after legislators on the education committee led by the chairperson Jacob Opolot grilled him for having allocated all the money to only Makerere University yet it was meant for all universities to conduct research.

He said that all the universities are represented on the committee that vets the proposals and the allocation of money is based on the decision they make.

The MPs on the same committee including Ssewungu Gonzaga of Kalungu West also grilled the minister o. Why they release none tax revenue funds to the universities in quarters instead of doing it at once.

The MPs said releasing that money I. Quarters was hindering the performance and development of public universities.

However in response ,Adjedra said that the public finance management act of 2015 requires his ministry to release the money depending of the projections of the universities.