Minister Kabafunzaki denies corruption charges

By Babirye Sania
Brian Mugabo, a  political assistant to the state minister of Labour and Employment Herbert Kabafunzaki has pleaded guilty to hiding  the 5 million shillings Bribe that the state minister for labor had received from the proprietor of Aya group of companies Mohammad Hamid.
The bribe was allegedly received by the  Hon. State minister at Serena hotel in Kampala on the 8th of this April 2017.
While appearing before anti corruption chief magistrate Agnes Alumu the 21 year old  accepted  the envelope which contained the  said money behind the curtains of the hotel  from  police  detectives who had come to arrest minister Kabafunzaki.
Evidence read to court by state prosecutor Barbra Kauma indicate that Mugabo did all this to enable the minister escape punishment and that the said money was retrieved by  footage viewed by the detectives from the CCTV camera.
Mugabo was charged with being an accomplice.
Meanwhile minister Kabafunzaki has denied the corruption charges against him and court is currently hearing  his bail application presented by his lawyer Kenneth Muhangi.