Minister reads a fresh list of people detained in Makidye

By Alice Lubwama

The Minister of Internal Affairs Jeje Odongo has presented a list 177 names of missing persons before parliament.

He said that these people were mainly detained in Makidye barracks and some in police cells.

The list has the names of the suspects, the place, date of arrest, and brief remarks why one was arrested.

However, MPs demanded for a comprehensive list of the abductees and the kind of offense they committed claiming that many people are missing in their constituents yet there not part of the list the minister tabled before parliament.

Kira municipality Legislator Ssemujju Nganda said he sympathizes with the minister of Internal affairs Jeje Odongo because the first time he was not in a position to account for the whereabouts of some people but miraculously he came back with a list.

Ssemujju says with the minister coming up with a list shows that Government admits having kidnapped the people.

Obongi county legislator Kaps Fungaroo said the minister should specify when these people were arrested either before or after the elections, the particular detention centers, so that people can know exactly where they can find their relatives.

Kilak County MP Gilbert Oulanyah said when the minister was briefing the president, he mentioned that there were 313 people who are under detention, surprisingly today the minister is bringing the names of only 177 persons. He also mentioned that out of 316 persons, 55 were under known detention centers and the rest were not known and it’s the reason the president directed the minister to come up with the list and they were about of the people missing.

“My concern is why today you’re coming with only 177 yet the other day you deceived Ugandans that you had 318 persons.” Oulanya said.

Masaka municipality mp Mathias Mpuuga said the minister’s list is not exhaustive, since many from the list he got from their relatives were not part of what the minister presented before parliament.

Last week the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga asked MPs to produce their own lists after the minister had failed to bring the names of those who were kidnapped.

Kadaga said parliament would use the list from the relatives of those who have kidnapped to task the Government on their whereabouts.