Ministry of health accused for extending quarantine days illegally

By Sania Babirye

Ugandans who were quarantined in a hotel in Makerere have accused the ministry of health of illegally extending their mandatory 14 days to 17 days .

In a letter addressed to the ministry of health, the group led by Ivan Bwowe claim that despite finishing their mandatory 14 days as recommended by the world health organization, they were surprised when they were ordered to stay more three days in the under quarantine by ministry of health on self sponsorship.

These say that although the three days might seem a few, they will not pay for them because they are not only illegal but were not planned for.

He says that they are already constrained financially since they spend between 200,000 to 800,000 Ugandans shillings daily in these hotels which is obnoxious and the extra three days were unplanned for and they can not afford it.

He has accused ministry of health of taking advantage of them and enrich the said hotels at their expense yet, when they were returning back, they were required to bring with them a negative COVID-19 certificate which they presented .

He has accused the ministry of unfairly treating them compared to other people like lorry drivers who are left to go on with their work after being tested for COVID-19.

How minister Ruth Aceng says they added the three days after some of the people they returned with tested positive requiring them to stay extra days for further observation.

She says that after the three days, they will be given their results and asked then to be grateful since the government allowed them to return back home.