MP Nyambeshe warns government officials against making money off Bududa landslide victims

By Alice Lubwama

Majiya Member of Parliament  John Baptist Nambeshe has warned government officials who have turned the disaster in Bududa into an income generating project, to stop this immediately.

Responding to claims by Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo that it was politicians who are frustrating  Government efforts to relocate the people in Bududa, Nambeshe said that such people were making allegations  in order to be made in charge of the humanitarian management  in Bududa so that they can enrich themselves.

However the lawmaker vows that this time they will not allow anyone to benefit from the resettlement program as they will have to follow the plan by the Bududa council.

Hon Nambeshe has also  pinned  the government officials  for being responsible for the recent  deaths in Bududa  after they failed  to relocate  the  internally  displaced   people  who were  affected  by
the landslides in 2010and 2012 , living them in risky areas were the recent landslides claimed their lives .

The legislator  also asked  President Museveni  to give the affected people assurance that the money being allocated for resettlement will not be misappropriated this time , as  the 24 billion shillings that was
meant to resettle the people during the first disasters disappeared under the supervision of his two ministers of disaster including Hilary Onek and Musa Ecweru.

One of the minister’s Hilary Onek recently  offered to resign his position saying that he was tired of being part government which was indifferent towards people’s plight but up to now he is still in office.

Onek was also quoted saying that there was too much corruption in the office of the prime minister and it is the reason why all his efforts have not yielded fruits.