MP Patrick Ochani asks government to reinforce SOP

By Alice Lubwama

Apac Municipality MP Patrick Ochani has appealed to the Government to re-enforce the standard operating procedures for COVID-19 especially social distancing if the country is not to seriously suffer the second wave of the virus.

Speaking to journalists at parliament the legislator said that when the pandemic started Government was strict on the SOPS but right now there is a lot of reluctance especially in downtown Kampala where people are so congested yet without the masks.

“When the pandemic started Government made the effort to sensitize people and communities were really worried of COVID and were observing the sops but at the moment they are reluctant.” said Ochani

“As a leader I have been encouraging people in my constituency to observe the SOPS and go for vaccination at whatever function I go to.” he added

He also encouraged fellow parliamentarians to ask people to go for vaccination so as to minimize risks in communities