MP Rwemirikya ask Gov’t to intensify disaster preparedness plans

By Alice Lubwama

Ntoroko County legislator Rwemirikya Ibanda Gerald has asked Government to intensively prepare for disasters as heavy rains set in.

Rwemirikya said that as leaders they have tried to sensitize the people to vacate the risky areas but they do not have the capacity to relocate them.

The MP added that they have been experiencing floods since 2020 and two sub counties have already been submerged.

“But all this comes to how government is prepared because as a legislator,I have no capacity of handling disaster in my constituency, mine is to sensitize people but I cannot shift them from an area.” Rwemirikya said.

He now urges the office of the prime minister and the ministry of disaster preparedness to be prepared enough this time so that they can relocate people to a safer place.

“If government does not respond the burden goes to us leaders, to buy trampolines and food but I cannot handle that for and entire sub county” . He said.

The MP has urged government to do something tangible on ground and store enough relief items.

Recently government launched the national risk and vulnerability Atlas identifying areas in Uganda that are prone to disasters to boost the country’s preparedness, response to crisis and shocks.