MP Tinkasimiire bitter about parallel caucuses in the NRM

By Alice Lubwama
Buyaga west legislator Barnabas Tinkasimire blames the NRM party for creating parallel caucus within the main ones with a purpose of dividing members not to push for the issues affecting their regions.

Tinkasimire who is also the chairperson of Bunyororo parliamentary group noted that what was done by the NRM parliamentary caucus last week was malicious and intended to weaken regional caucus.

The lawmaker however says , that his party will not achieve much from replacing him with Hon Mukitale Birahwa the Bulisa county MP because he cannot even make a decision.

“they replaced me with Hon Mukitale but I don’t see any difference between me and Mukitale at least for me I can make a decision what about this one who is totally confused who can’t make a decision how is it going to help them.” Say Tinkasimiire

Although the NRM parliamentary caucus said that the parallel bodies were created to lobby programs and projects from government to benefit entire kingdoms, Hon Tinkasimire allege that the main agenda of creating this caucus with the main one was to divide a united group.

“For me am not going to raise a fight in my region, I will allow him to carry on because what I was pushing was the agenda of Bunyoro and I expect the new chairperson to do the same.” Tinkasimire noted

The NRM Caucus which met in kyankwanzi resolved to elect new chairpersons for all regional caucuses led by mps who are not royal to the party position including the recent presidential age limit amendment.

Apart from dividing the Buganda parliamentary caucus , the NRM caucus also created a parallel caucus within the Bunyoro parliamentary caucus , voting Bulisa county mp Mukitale Birahwa as chairperson replacing Barnabas Tinkasimire.

The mp however warns the Nrm leaders not to dare him in 2021 general elections because he will defeat them badly.

“I will remain a member of parliament for buyaga west and wait for them , I know they will come again to fight me but I will give them another dose as I did in the last election , I will pound them badly.” He added.