MPs ask president to take action on his promises

By Alice Lubwama

A section of lawmakers have asked president Museveni to stop making blanket statements out of pressure and instead taken action against wrong people.

The attack comes after the president issued guidelines to security operatives on how they should treat suspects during arrest.

Some MPs including Ibrahim Kasozi  for Makindye and Sylvia Akello Otuke woman MP district say that the president should first take action against security officers who have  inflicted torture on civilians in broad day light , before he makes any statement.

However opposition chief  whip Ibrahim Ssemujju Ngada wonders how the president can justify for shooting a person as being arrested.

Ssemujju also Kira municipality MP   note that  president Museveni only issued this statement because of the prevailing pressure from the public  against the acts of torture by the security organs.

The President’s directives were contained in a letter he authored on 28th of this month  detailing the guidelines to be followed by all security agencies in dealing with riot incidents, political events as well as arrest of suspects.

President called for the use of water cannons arguing it is the best way since the method is strong, non-lethal and not noisy. He further advised for usage of shooting of the suspects among other guidelines.

Recently there has been a video circulating   on social media showing armed men brutalizing a civilian on the streets of Kampala in broad day light.