MPS castigate labor export companies dealing in human organs

By Alice Lubwama
Iganga municipality Member of Parliament Mugema Panadol has asked Government to develop interest in the operations of a labor exporting company known as Shukran Habib consultants, saying it could be dealing in selling of human body organs.

Mugume told parliament that his suspicion comes after the death her constituent whose body has just been returned from Saudi Arabia without private parts.

Laying the pictures of the body of one Julie kisakye before parliament, Mugema narrated that the death certificate which accompanied the dead body indicated that she had died from cardiac failure and heart related issues but when the body was examined, it all had burns , the head was shattered, one of the breasts and the labia tibia had been removed.

Masaka municipality legislator, Mathias Mpuga warned that if the issue of labor export in Uganda is not handled well, it will be their biggest failure as leaders.

“We shall never be forgiven if we do not go to the root of this problem, isn’t it time madam speaker that parliament moves to investigate this problem and solve it once for all because it is no longer labor export, there is a bigger problem and we are grossing over it.” Mpuga said

Rubaga North member of Parliament Moses kasibante said that it is paramount that the minister of gender comes up with a comprehensive statement explaining how Uganda has been corresponding with other countries were Ugandans are sent.

Mbale municipality mp Wamai Wamanga blamed Government for not taking the matter serious saying,”We summoned the minister of Gender and labor before the committee of foreign affairs and we told her about the testimonies of the girls who had returned from those countries but the minister could not accept , she even told us how she shares food with them while in Saudi Arabia .” Wamayi asked Government to act and rescue her people from slavery as Nigeria went and rescued its people from south Africa,but this government is just looking on when people are suffering in the middle east .

In response the speaker Rebecca Kadaga said that the government of Uganda does not have missions in every country that is why monitoring from far is a problem. Kadaga promised that there will be a formal discussion on the issue.

However the minister of Gender and social development Janat Mukwaya promised to investigate the matter and make a comprehensive report for parliament.