MPs oppose bill aimed at regulating religious organisations

By Alice Lubwama
The motion by Manjiya county legislator John Baptist Nambeshe seeking leave of Parliament to introduce a private member’s bill entitled ‘The Religious Organizations Bill 2019’ that seeks to provide a legal framework for registration, regulation and management of religious organizations received protests from members of Parliament who argued that the move is intended to restrict freedom of worship.

A number of MPs led by Buvuma district member of parliament Nantume Egunyu rejected the proposal to have a Bureau set up to register the various denominations saying it would lead to duplication of agencies that government is fighting to reduce.

Nambeshe’s proposed bill is similar to the one what the ethics and integrity minister father Simon Lukodo intends to introduce.

The bill has received a lot of criticism from religious leaders especially from born again churches even calling president Museveni to relieve him of his duties.