Museveni to blame for appointing sleepy MPs

Nakaseke south member of Parliament Lutamaguzi semakula says the president should take the blame for appointing sleepy ministers.

Speaking during the sixth Presidential Investors Round table on Thursday, president Museveni described his ministers as sleepy and selfish people who only think about themselves.

Lutamaguzi however say that the president should not blame the ministers for none performance since he appoints them depending on his personal interest not on their capacity to serve the country.

“In fact we had advised him to stop appointing ministers depending on tribes and religion, you appoint them depending on their capacity.’’

The members of parliament say that the president should even reduce on the number of ministers for effective service delivery.

“However much blame game nothing much will change, the status quo will remain, poor service delivery, bigger number of ministers, Resident District Commissioners,bigger number of parliament ,until when Ugandans sit down with their president and ask him the reason to why he appoints a big number of people who cannot serve well.

The legislator adds that Uganda was gifted with funny people including ministers, who parades women that he is promoting curvy bums, going to villages searching for women with big bums that they are going to promote tourism and people are looking on including the president.
“We have another one called Lokodo who is after Nyege nyege , I was asking myself what is Nyege nyege, we should not have such ministers in our country. Lutamaguzi said.