President Museveni says Shs. 6 billion ‘handshake’ was deliberate

Museveni pledges to use diplomatic channel to fundraise money for orthodox church

By Gloria Nakiyimba
President Museveni has promised to use diplomatic channels to mobilise resources for the construction the Orthodox Cathedral in Uganda. He made the remarks during a ceremony to mark 100 years of existence of the church in Uganda.

“I will use diplomatic channels to mobilize resources for this Church from the brotherhoods of the same Church especially from Serbia, Russia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Egypt. As I did with the Muslim community, I was able to mobilize finance from the Arab countries that enabled the construction of the Islamic University in Uganda in Mbale and the King Fahd Plaza in Kampala City. Under a similar arrangement I will call upon them to help in building the projected Lubya Cathedral,” he said.

President Yoweri Museveni pledges UGX300 million towards the construction of the 2,500-seater Orthodox cathedral in Lubya hill Namungoona in Kampala.
Out of the pledge the president paid Shs.30 million and made a further pledge of Shs.80 million towards the Orthodox Church Development Commission and Shs.20 million for the priests.

He made the pledge while attending the Divine Liturgy ceremony presided over by the Archbishop of Kampala Metropolitan, His Eminence Yona Lwanga.
President Yoweri Museveni congratulated the Orthodox Church in Uganda upon the attainment of 100 years since the faith was started in the country.
The President, who was the chief guest, laid a foundation stone for the construction of Aghia Sophia Orthodox Cathedral. The entire cathedral is will cost US$4.5 million 17 billion shillings.

President Museveni, expressed happiness about the brotherhood among the Orthodox community in Uganda, promising to mobilize resources to ensure that the cathedral construction project is fulfilled.

The president urged Orthodox leaders to mobilize their members towards poverty eradication adding that it was now time for them to sensitise citizens about commercial activities, like modern agriculture, services, industries and ICT. The Orthodox Church has 1.4 million members in Uganda,