Museveni’s lawyers say Kyagulanyi’s legal team is free to withdraw petition

By Sania Babirye

President Museveni’s legal team says that they have no objection to National Unity platform party president Robert Kyagulanyi’s withdraw of his election petition .

The lawyers led by Kiwanuka Karugire are replying to Kyagulanyi’s application seeking for leave to withdraw the said petition officially after Robert Kyagulanyi announced that he decided to withdraw his petition because he believes that some of the justices led by chief Justice Alifonse Owiny Dollo are biased and will not give him justice

Now, Museveni’s legal team says its Bobiwine’s right to withdraw his petition if he has lost interest and feels that he will not get justice.

They further add that this will also save them time they would have spent in prosecuting the said petition.

When the said application is gazetted, then the chief justice will notify the parties when it will be heard