Mwesigye to pay 6million shillings or face imprisonment.

Mwesigye to pay 6 million shillings or face imprisonment.

By Sania Babirye

Buganda Road Court Grade one magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu has convicted former old Kampala DPC Joram Mwesigye of assaulting a WBS journalist Andrew Lwanga in 2015.

He has been sentenced to 1million shillings court fine, and 5million shillings compensation to the assaulted journalist which he has to pay in 30days, failure of which he should serve one year in prison.

Friday 10th, March the magistrate ruled that evidence brought by state which included 7 witnesses and a video footage proved that Mwesigye did assault the two journalists.

He began his defense on the 7th of December 2016 by denying assaulting the journalist which forced Lwanga to turn down an advice by the magistrate to have the two settle the matter out of court saying he could not negotiate with a liar.

Magistrate Kamasanyu also noted that Lwanga was hurt, when his body was tampered with, sustained injuries on his head, left ear and chest, thereby causing him actual bodily harm.

Lwanga is now moving with support from crutches due to spinal injuries sustained from Mwesigye’s alleged beating.

Mwesigye was facing three charges including assault and causing bodily harm and two counts of damage to property. Magistrate Kamasanyu also ruled that the particulars of the alleged damage of the items were not described or tendered in court by prosecution, nor proof of ownership of the said items, like receipts.

Photo: ChimpReports