Nadduli condemns the way army is brutalizing masses

By Alice Lubwama

The   minister without port-folio Abdul Nadduli has praised Kyadodndo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi for his slogan people’s power because it’s within the constitution but advised him to form a
political party which he can use to push for the people’s demands.

While addressing journalists in Kampala today, Naduli said Kyagulanyi‘s slogan should not be looked at as a threat to government because power belongs to the people according to the constitution.

‘The constitution says the power belongs to people, so when I criticize Bobi wine on that, am criticizing the constitution.  The slogan is right but the deeds are poor, let him go back and get another avenue to pass his demands to the people,  very many political parties are mushrooming do you see them being beaten.” Naduli said.

The minister has also condemned the army for brutalizing journalists and the opposition saying these are not enemies of the state.

The said that the ones whom the state thinks to be its enemies are not the ones but those army officers who are torturing the masses.

He has asked the president to investigate the motive of the security officers behind the torturing of the people because they could be fighting against the government.