Nankulabye women serial killer charged with 6 counts of murder

By Sania Babirye

A man who was arrested in relation to the murder of five women and a three month baby in Nakulabye in Rubaga division is to be charged this afternoon at Mwanga 2 magistrate court with six counts of murder.

The suspect is identified as Musasizi Musa aged 23 years, unemployed and a resident of Mujomba zone 6 Nakulabye in Rubaga division, Kampala district.

Prosecution states that on the 14th day of March 2021,at Mujomba zone 6 Nakulabye in Kampala district with Malice aforethought murdered Nabirye Noreen.

He is also said to have murdered Kansiime Violet, Nakitende Abigail on the 12th of March and ,Mutesi Elizabeth on 15th of March 2021 .

Musasizi is also separately charged with 23 year old bodaboda rider Kasaija Abdul a resident of Mapera zone Lussaze in Rubaga division with the murder of Ahereza Mackline on the 22nd of February 2021.

The boda boda rider is further charged with being an accessory after the fact where its alleged that on the same date between Mujomba zone 6 and Natete in Kampala well knowing that one Musasizi Musa alias uncle had murdered Ahereza Mackline assisted him to dump and burn the body of the deceased at Natete in order to enable him to escape punishment.

He was arrested on the 25th of March 2021 by a joint security team of the chieftaincy of military intelligence and police after he was traced

Evidence shows that the suspect would court the victims, have sex with them before killing them either by hitting them on the head with a hard surface or strangling them.

He would later dump their bodies in places almost close to each other in Nakulabye and sets them on fire .

After his arrest, he confessed to Police to have murdered the said women in which he explained that he killed Ahereza after suspecting her of having another man.

He further revealed that he strangled Kansiime to death, then went and dumped her body and when he returned to his home, he strangle her three month old baby and later dumped her.

He also informed court that he strangled Mutesi a resident of Makerere because they got into a fight after sex when she refused the 50,000 he had given her as transport for being too little.

Police also retrieved alleged clothes of the victims from the suspect’s neighbors toilet where he would dump them after undressing the victims before buying them with petrol.