New bill to help curb rampant human sacrifice

By Daudi Zirimala
The Ayivu County legislator who doubles as the Chairperson of Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Children Affairs Benerad Atiku says that they’re spearheading a bill on Prevention and Prohibition of Human Sacrifices Bill to prescribe penalties that can stop acts of Human Sacrifices.

Speaking during the dialogue on the role of media in child protection organized by Save Street children Uganda,Hon Atiku said that penalties in the penal code act are not deterrent enough to perpetrators of human sacrifices something which has increased these cases in the country.

He noted that violation of Children rights have drastically increased due to absences of implementation frame work of laws passed by parliament concerning protection of children’s rights.

Atiku says that ever since the children’s amended was passed ,many people are still hiding in the penal code to practice child/human sacrifices yet the penal code does clearly stipulate the penalties to such acts,that’s why as legislators on Children’s forum they want this bill table before the end of this year to address such challenges.

However similarly during the dialogue the media have been challenged to reveal evils and abuses against children in-order to help Ugandan children live a violence free life.

According to the Commissioner in charge of Children affairs at the ministry of Gender Labor and Social Development Mondo Kyateeka, the media have tried to expose people who violate children’s rights but haven’t prioritized such stories on the front page.

Speaking to media practitioners during the dialogue organized by Save the Street Children Uganda, Kyateeka noted that Ugandan journalists have not interested themselves in covering stories about children abuse yet they are key stakeholders in protecting children.

Kyateeka says the media is developing partners in-terms exposing evil therefore they can do more to eradicate child abuse in Uganda.

Currently according to national statistics from the ministry of Gender Labor and Social Development, over 35% of girls below the age of 18 are sexually abused and 17% of boys below the age of 18 are also sexually abused.

He is concerned about the media being a washed with lead stories about marriage break ups neglecting issues about children and child violence.