Cholera outbreak in Busia claims a life and leaves six other hospitalised

Cholera claimed the life of one person in Busia district on Saturday and left six other hospitalised. The victims are members of the same family from Mundaya village in Masaba sub-county.  Dr. Patrick Barasa, the In Charge of the Cholera Isolation center at Busia main hospital, says the deceased contracted cholera in Namayingo district where he was working.

He said the six patients admitted at the isolation center had just returned from his burial.  He suspects the cholera victims could have touched the body of the deceased. Dr. Barasa is worried that the situation may escalate given the heavy rains that have continued pounding the area.

He complained of poor sanitation and hygiene especially within, Busia municipality. Busia district is prune to cholera outbreaks. In November last year, cholera broke out in seven sub counties in the district and was only contained in January this year.  The epidemic claimed six people and left more than 270 other hospitalised at Busia main hospital.

Kennedy Adhola Otiti, the Busia Resident District Commissioner, blames the cholera outbreaks on negligence by residents and lack of proper hygiene practices.  Otitit has ordered for a crackdown on households without proper sanitation facilities.