Trump calls for unity in thanksgiving speech

President-elect Donald Trump shared a message of unity Wednesday in a video published on the official White House transition team's YouTube page.

In the video, Trump acknowledges the "long and bruising" political season and says he understands that emotional divides don't heal overnight.
"It's my prayer that on this Thanksgiving, we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country, strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve," Trump says.
The video is one of a handful of times the nation has heard from the President-elect at length since his victory.
Trump also emphasized the importance of bringing prosperity to the country's inner cities.
"We have before us the chance now to make history together. To bring real change to Washington, real safety to our cities and real prosperity to our communities -- including our inner cities -- so important to me, and so important to our country," Trump says.
Trump will spend his Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, along with his family.
"It's time to restore the bond of trust between citizens, because when America is unified there is nothing beyond our reach," Trump concluded.