Germany Government finalizes 37Bn grant to support South Sudanese refugees

The German government has announced a grant of 10 million Euros, approximately Uganda shillings 37 Billion to support South Sudan refugees in the country.

The money will be spent on supporting improved water supply and sanitation of South Sudan refugees and host communities in North Uganda.

A Dec 22, 2016 press statement from the Germany embassy in says "the new allocation comes in addition to a pledge of 8 million Euros agreed during the intergovernmental negotiations between the Federal Republic of Germany and Uganda in October 2016".

In total the German Government has committed 32.5 million Euros (approximately 120.3 billion Uganda shillings to support refugees and asylum seekers in Uganda in 2016.

The statement says Germany has also contributed to the UN World Food Program in Uganda and significantly increased its share in regional programs of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) supporting South Sudanese refugees in neighboring countries and those internally displaced in South Sudan.

"The contribution to the UNHCR programs in the region targeting South Sudanese refugees increased from 5 million to 31 million Euros", it says.

Uganda is now home to 1.3 Million South Sudan refugees living in settlement camps in Adjumani, Moyo and Yumbe districts. More refugees continue to arrive daily as UN chief Ban Ki Moon warned on Monday that the conflict in the restive country is progressing towards a mass atrocity.