Hospital suffers a water crisis for 15 years, authorities were forced to lock the toilets

Bududa hospital hasn't had clean water supply for the last 15 years URN  has learnt. Issa Ngati Bukoma, the Bududa District Water Engineer, says the Water Pump Station, which used to serve the hospital since it was built in 1960s become idle due to the low water level in River Tsutsu,

He says some people took advantage of the situation and stole vital parts from the pump making it dysfunctional. Dr. Imelda Tumuhaire, the Medical Superintendent Bududa Hospital, says the water crisis compelled them to lock toilets, which compromises the hygiene in the facility.

According to Tumuhaire, they have made several pleas to the authorities to address the water crisis in vain. Currently, patients and their attendants trek long distances in search of water for use at the facility.
Some of the patients and their attendants interviewed by URN said they find difficulties to answer nature's call since the hospital has locked off toilets citing the water crisis. Our reporter saw polythene bags used by some patients and their attendants to answer nature's call.

Bison Nasha, one of the residents says currently patients; their attendants and hospital staff rely on unprotected water springs at the banks of river Tsustu in Buwamboka village in Manafwa district.

He says the situation worsens during the dry seasons when the water level in the springs reduces. John Wamono, the Buwamboka Village chairperson, says the situation is so demeaning given the fact that patients now depend on water from unprotected springs, which is contaminated with human waste. According to Wamono, residents bath in the springs at night.

Wilson Watila, the Bududa District LC 5 Chairperson, says the water pump station is irreparable because they can't get some of the parts on the open market since the pump is old model. Stanley Watenga, the Principle Engineer in the Water Ministry, says they will utilize the money meant for installing new water tanks at the hospital to repair the old tanks and make new water connections.