Kanungu MP Karungi in court for involvement in poisoning case

By Sania Babirye
The Kanungu district woman MP Elizabeth Karungi has been  dragged to  court for allegedly poisoning a parliamentary receptionist.
 It is alleged that Karungi poisoned Donna Kamuli at  Café Pap Restaurant along Parliament avenue.
 According to Court documents the alleged offense was committed  on the  if 1st September 2018.
Prosecution alleges that using a  a waitress, Karungi administered poison in a mineral water bottle to Donna Kamuli, whom she suspected of having an affair with her estranged husband  Allan Kamugisha.
Kamuli claims  on the fateful afternoon she got a call from the MP asking her to meet at the said restaurant to have a woman to woman talk.
She further claims that while  at the Café Pap Restaurant,  the MP narrated to her  of how her husband Kamugisha is seeing a fairly young brown lady whom he picks from a hotel in Makerere Kikoni and drops at Parliament .
Kamuli contends that the MP disclosed to her that she had put a price of  20 million shillings for  people to trail and kill  that young woman who is destabilizing her marriage.
She says however immediately after taking the water, she experienced untold stomach ache prompting her to carry out  a thorough medical check up and examination  at the Government analytical laboratory.
Kamuli says the findings at the Laboratory showed that a  pesticide -Deltamethrin was administered in her drink .
Through her lawyer Ladislous Rwakafuuzi,  Kamuli  is now asking  court to order MP Karungi to pay her damages for causing  permanent damage to her intestines ,  eyes and the entire nervous system.
She claims that according to medical orders the poisonous substance detected in her body (Kamuli) has no cure.
Matters of MP's involvement in poisoning incidents is not a new phenomenon.
Last year two MPs reportedly suffered food poisoning in a space of less than six months. State minister for Primary Health Care Dr. Joyce Moriku Kaducu also woman member of parliament for Moyo district and Budiope East represesentative  Georfrey Dhamuzungu were hospitalized for food poisoning.
Minister Kaducu even flown to Agha Khan hospital Nairobi for specialized treatment where she spent close to two months fighting for her life.
Former Mankindye west legislator was also poisoned and nearly lost his speech.  According to Kyanojo, he woke up one morning while on parliament business in South Africa in 2011 only to realize he was struggling to speak.
According to doctors Kyanjo suffered dystopia, a disease that impairs speech and memory. The disease linked to poisoning.
Kyanjo can now only speak through an electric battery which charges him every three days to help him talk.
Mukono Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze also suffered alleged poisoning in 2016 when she was hospitalized with sudden abdominal pains and convulsion. In 2009 she was transferred to South Africa as a patient of detoxification.