Father who raped his biological daughter blames it on spiteful ex

By Sania Babirye

A father who is accused of defiling multiple times his biological daughter, impregnating her and later having the pregnancy aborted has told court that the charges are trumped up charges brought against him by the girl's mother because he ended their relationship

On the 26th of February 2019, High court judge Tony Vicent Okwanga charged and remanded Ssekikubo Godfrey a bodaboda rider and a resident of Kirombe Zone in Nsambya Makindye division in Kampala district to Luzira prison.

This is after he pleaded not guilty to the charge of aggravated defilement.

However, while beginning his defense today, sekikubo told court that he has never had sex with the then 16 year daughter or impregnated her or later caused her abortion as alleged by state.

Sekikubo has testified that her daughter was manipulated by his former lover because he chased her from his home after he found out that her former husband allegedly died after suffering from HIV in 2013.

Sekikubo told court that he had four women including the accused's mother but all left him at different intervals and left him in care of his three children who are two girls and one boy and that he loved all his children dearly.

He also accused a child protection officer who reported the case to have helped the mother and daughter to bring up false allegations against him.

However, when the victim testified in the court chambers, he pinned her biological father of sexually assaulting her from February 2016 to may until she goy fed up and reported to one of the neighbors.

The police file was opened by a one Nabirye Susan from the Makindye child protection committee after the said neighbor reported the incident to her.

And while testifying, Nabirye had informed court that the child had revealed to them that she had gotten pregnant in the process and her father later took her to a clinic were she had the abortion from.

Sekikubi informed court that Nabirye had asked him for 500,000 as fee for medical examination on both him and the daughter but he had not known her until that day when he was arrested and taken to police.

But, the judge has wondered how Nabirye who had only known Sekikubo for one day could collaborate with his wife to accuse him of defiling his own daughter.

The daughter is said to have revealed the secret after the neighbor asked her why she was looking so bad and so weak.

It is then that the daughter revealed that she had just had an abortion two days ago.

And that when Sekikubo learnt about the police case file he went into hiding for two days before he was arrested and charged.

The girl who was taking care of her two siblings at home had stopped going to school on her own plea claiming that she was too embraced to be in primary and wanted to learn braiding hair.

And as a result her father had promised to find money and take her to beauty school but instead started sexually assaulting her.

Prosecutions states that in the month of April 2016 in Kilombe zone the suspect had canal knowledge with a 15 year old girl well knowing that he was the biological father