We are training police to handle rallies -Enanga

By Robert Segawa

The Uganda police force has embarked on training it's officers in handling and managing public procession and rallies organized by politicians.

The police spokesperson Fred Enanga while addressing the press today at CPS he said that this has been implemented because some politicians have started early campaigns and preparations a head of 2021 general elections.

The training teaches officers how to handle, manage,and control political activities of both those who are law abiding and those who are defiant.

Enanga further said that they have communicated to all Territorial commanders these are RPC, and District police commanders not to allow all gathering all processions which are not under the law.

He adds that during this communication the commanders should know how to talk to the organizer, and how to handle them than affecting other members of the public who are not part of their political activities.

Enanga reminds all the Commanders to fast engage the organizer's of political activities before they make an official declaration to leave the venue before they are dispersed, and if they refuse to leave reasonable force will be used to disperse.

He raised concern about The defiance campaign of the Forum for Democratic change,in organizing procession, rallies, and meetings which was not the case when Gen Mugisha Muntu was then the president of the party.

He adds that after FDC conversing their support meeting from the Grassroots they end up holding rallies which are not included in their communication to police.

He further says that all communications concerning rallies and procession have been entrusted by Inspector general of police to the Directorate of operations to work out all the modernizes, but advised all the politicians to inform the police within 14 days according to the act concerning public order management act.