Land inquiry commission reacts army decision to reward soldiers who blocked commission at work

By Sania Babirye

The commission of Inquiry into land matters has described the decision by the army to award gold medals to five soldiers who stopped them from carrying out their work in Mutungo as unfortunate.

According to the commission's lead counsel and also spokesperson Ebert Byenkya, it does not make sense that senior army officers have taken a one day event to make it that important to deserve awarding of the medals on heroes day.

He says that as a commission, they had forgotten the incident because it was not that important but its unfortunate that it has been turned into such a big event that deserves even rewarding medals .

He explains that the incident was just a small part of their inspection that day because, they had gone to tour the entire Mutungo hill just the said part that houses the headquarters of the External security organisation (ESO).

He further says that nothing much happened and they were later cleared to tour the said place but does not understand the army's motive to bring the said incident back by rewarding the soldiers medals.

While responding to the said medal awarding, the government spokes person Ofwono Opondo defended the soldiers recognition saying they were not awarded medals for preventing the commission from doing their job but were rewarded for doing their job they had been put their to do.

However, when Opondo was asked why the anti terrorism police officers who disarmed sht.Katuriba Julius who had coached his loaded gun at the commission stuff, Opondo claimed that the police officer were there illegal and had tried to disarm the soldiers who was doing his mandated job.

He also said that the said proved that some police officers are not professional enough and need more training.

The said soldiers include sgt.Katuriba Julius, sgt.David Kyabona, Lance Corporal Herbert Kanyikire, lance coporal Tumisime Velelanda and Sgt.Yiga.

These were awarded medals last Sunday during the celebration on Heroes day in Kasanje Wakiso district.

On the 5th of February this year, the said soldiers led bu sgt.Katuriba blocked justice Catherine Bamugemereire and his team from accessing the entrance of block 237 plot 67, 48, 29 and 59 in Mutungo zone lV.

The soldier resisted both attempts by Kampala Metropolitan police Commander Moses Kafeero and the commission chaired justice Bamugemereire to allow them to access the said land.

The said 639 acre of land is being contested for by both Dr.Muhammad Kasase and Prince Wasajja who claims that it belongs to his father the late king Edward Muteesa the (2)

However, Dr.Kasasa is said to have sold all the four plots to ESO at 2.4 billion shillings which he also claims that he has not received yet.

ESO plans to build its headquarters on the said land.