Sick Gen. Tumukunde sent to Luzira

By Sania Babirye

Rtd.Gen. Henry Tumukunde has been remanded to Luzira prison by city hall court grade one magistrate Valerian Tuhimbise.

This is after Gen.Tumukunde was charged with treason and four counts of unlawful possession of fire arms and ammunition.

He has however pleaded not guilty to all five counts.

On the treason charge, Prosecution states that on the 5th of March 2020 while appearing on a morning show at one of the local Television stations in Kamwokya, the Rt. Lt Gen made utterances which were calculated to instigated the Republic of Rwanda to invade Uganda and cause a unlawful change of government.

On the unlawful possession fire arms and ammunition, its states that on the 13th of March 2020 at his office Impala Avenue in Kololo,was found in possession of 2 guns; an Ak47 and a pistol . Prosecution further states that he is charged with unlawful possession of 34 rounds of ammunition's without a valid firearm license

He has told court on the charges of being in possession of firearms and ammunition, he was in lawful possession of the said gun since it was given to him with the said ammunition as a retired General .

Prosecution led by Viola Tusingwire has informed court that investigations into the said counts are complete and ready to bring witnesses on the 30th of this month for hearing.

Tumukunde has now been remanded to Luzira prison also until the 23rd of this month on the treason count, however court has explained that on that day, Tumukunde will not physically appear in court but will appear under the video conferencing link at Buganda road court on treason charges.

He will appear before city hall court again on the 30th of this month to start trial on unlawful possession of fire arms and ammunition.

Treason, is a capital case bailable and tryable only by the High court .

The magistrate has also refused submissions from his defense team to grant him bail over ill health.

Court ruled that Luzira prison is well equipped to manage his poor health conditions.

Gen.Tumukunde however did not stand in the court docket because he was sick.

Gen Tumukunde was brought at court amidst tight security by counter-terrorism security personnel.

Only family members, his lawyers and state prosecutor were allowed to enter court and his nurse who brought a bucket with his medication in court.

Many journalists were blocked from accessing Court room as security locked all the entrances to the court room.

Tumukunde was assisted into the court room by two plain clothed detectives because he can not walk by himself.