Bajjo, Abitex granted bail

By Sania Babirye

Two event promoters Abe Musinguzi of Abitex entertainment and Andrew Mukasa of Bajjo events and two others have been granted bail by Buganda road court.

Grade one magistrate Doreen Kalungi has ordered the group to each pay a cash bail of 200'000 shillings while their sureties including local Musician Mathias Walukaga have been ordered to deposit 500,000 shillings not cash and see that the suspects return to court on the 15th of this month for further mention of their case.

Walukaga told journalists that he decided to stand surety for Abitex because he believes in his cause of demanding for food for the poor. He says that it is not fair that many Ugandans continue to donate food and money to government to help many starving Ugandans in the lock down yet government is not giving out the said food, leaving many especially women and children to starve.

The duo is charged with disobeying lawful orders by negligently doing an act likely to spread an infectious disease COVID-19 which they denied.

Meanwhile , the magistrate declined a request by Hon. Medard Segona to have court substitute part of the four million shillings that one of the suspect Bajjo had paid to court last year after court dismissed the said case.

However, the magistrate noted that Bajjo must pay the 200,000 shillings today because the four million was paid in a different case which she did not handle.

She has advised Bajjo to apply to court to have his four million refunded since he is entitled to it by law since the said case was dismissed.

Lawyer Segona expressed dismay at how government works saying its unfair that government is still keeping Bajjo's money one year later yet he has again to deposit more money to the same court.

The group was arrested yesterday at the prime ministers office demanding an explanation from the prime minister to as why they were not giving out donated relief food to starving Ugandans in the ongoing lockdown.

These were arrested with placards demanding for relief food.