Court stops injuction of Luwafu B zone

By Sania Babirye

High court judge Yasin Nyanzi has issued an interim injunction against NEMA from evicting people residing in Luwafu B and heritage zone found in Kasanga in Makindye division.

NEMA accuses the residents of encroaching and degrading the said wetland in June. The Executive Director Tom Okurut wrote to the residents to vacate the said land with all their property and clear all structures that had been erected on the wet land within three weeks.

However, being dissatisfied, the residents petitioned the high court challenging NEMA's actions and also sought an interim injunction against their eviction until the hearing and determination of the main case in which they challenge their entire eviction.

In their main case, the residents claim that the said land belongs to them and have acquired land titles.

Now justice Yasin Nyanzi has issued the interim injunction until court hears and determines their main case.