Uganda Police, UCC names biggest media rights violators- Report

By Daudi Zirimala

The Uganda Police Force and the Uganda Communications Commission have been singled out as the biggest violator of media rights with Uganda police contributing 60% and UCC 22% of all the violations.

Speaking during the release of the 11th edition of the Press Freedom Index Report 2019 the Executive director of Human Rights Network for Journalists in Uganda (HRNJ-U), Robert Ssempala said that, the leading incidents of violations were perpetuated by security officers, especially the police who on several occasions block journalists from covering news and UCC being the second violator of the media rights its independence as a regulator being questioned.

He notes in 2019 a total of 165 violations and abuses were reported and journalists continue to work under unfavorable conditions that include being paid meager salaries, temporary employment and lack of job security among others.

However, Cornelius Beyanga from the Directorate of Human Rights and legal affairs in the Uganda Police Force said that in a bid to harmonize the working relationship between the police force and the media, the management of police is considering training police officers in media law so that stop violating media rights in course of their service.