Kyagulanyi says NUP is ready to become ruling party

By Sania Babirye

Now Confirmed National Unity platform party president Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi says despite today historic court victory, the said case has successfully fulfilled its main reason of antagonizing them as NUP by their detractors.

Speaking on the said judgement, Kyagulanyi stated that despite the said won case being bogus, and are grateful that the judged also was in agreement with them, he says that the said case was brought up to cut their speed and vulgarize them as NUP.

He claims that due to the uncertainty of the ownership of their party, they lost over 50 candidates who were not sure whether or not the legality of NUP would be upheld.

Kyagulanyi says it was the intention of the state to cast doubt about the NUP party and cit on the domination of NUP candidates.

He says that now that the court has ruled that they ate a legal party , they are ready to become the ruling party in the coming presidential elections.

Kyagulanyi also stated that he will be going for nomination for the 2021 presidential candidate come 3rd of November.