Support local entrepreneurs -Museveni

By Gloria Nakiyimba

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has asked Ugandans to support local entrepreneurs setting up factories that he says have many spill over benefits

Speaking at the opening of Atiak sugar factory where government has 41% shares through Uganda development cooperation-UDC, the president said much of the sugarcane for the factory will be grown by the people of Atiak where each of these families will have five acres ploughed and planted for them by the factory and each will earn Shs18 million after 18 months to achieve social economic transformation of the people.

“This factory employs 2,000 workers and impacts on more than 20,000 people and their families. The neighbors who have sim sim, malakwang, potatoes and other things have got market for their goods from the factory workers” said the president.

President Museveni said Government will continue to support this factory owned by entrepreneur Amina Moghe Hersi.

Amina explained to the president how the people of Lamwo are growing so much sugarcane but have to move 175km to bring it here.

On this note the presided announced that government will build a bridge, to reduce on the distance 36km to enable farmers take their sugar cane to the factory.

“The bridge will be built so that the part of the project which is on the Lamwo side will be directly linked with the one on Atiak side. This will save the money of the farmers in transport” said President Museveni.

Atiak Sugar Factory in Amuru District was commissioned by the president on Friday.