Muntu's campaign focuses on eliminating corrupt leaders

By Sania Babirye

Alliance for National transformation party President Gen.Mugusha Muntu has launched his campaigns in Makindye .

Muntu has called upon Ugandans to stop voting power thirsty leaders who are greedy and corrupt.

General Muntu says that Ugandans should vote for him because he is a disciplined leader as per his political and professional record.

Muntu says Ugandans should stop voting people who promises a lot of things but Gail to fulfill their promises once voted in power.

He says that he is one of the few politicians who are not rich despite having been in key positions for long including being the chief of the Uganda Defense force at the age 28.

He adds that he remained poor because he desisted from stealing from the government he serves unlike the corrupt leaders of today whose only goal is to loot from those they serve.

Muntu says that if voted in power, he will start by getting rid of corruption and corrupt officials because these these two are the major cause of under development in Uganda.

He says Uganda does not need corrupt leaders who will swindle taxes and that majority of those contesting are materialistic and only looking to serve themselves.