Muntu asks Ugandans to focus on real issues

By Sania Babirye

Alliance for National transformation party presidential candidate Gen.Mugisha Muntu says Ugandans need to think first of what they are fighting against and what they are fighting for before they cast their votes if there is going to be any meaningful change and power transition.

Gen.Mugisha Muntu made the call while addressing supporters in Kabale sub county in Rakai and Kakuto constituency in Kyotera on Monday as he continued to traverse the country for votes.

"In my tours around the country, citizens have defined problems of this country as; lack of democracy, lack of justice, fake democracy, poverty, unemployment, poor health care system to mention but a few. However, in choosing leaders at whatever level, citizens tend to focus on what they are fighting against and lose focus on the later." Muntu said.

Muntu said that he is not under any illusion and wants Ugandans to focus on such issues before voting on the 14th of January 2020 because to achieve anything, the regime has to go first.

He adds that the only way forward is if Ugandans realize that they have two battles that they must fight simultaneously and that the only way forward is for the Citizens to understand that no candidate can ever be powerful without their support.

"So, in exercise of this power, citizens should look for, from politicians, the qualities necessary to deliver on what we desire. By this, Ugandans will have solved 2 things at ago.They will have used their power to change the regime but also most fundamentally, they will have chosen a team that can deliver and once in the history of our country, we can have a meaningful change." he stated.