The church to lead prayers for peace

By Robert Segawa

The orthodox church of Uganda, Namungoona is leading prayers for peace as the country nears the general elections next week.

Last week the Uganda Joint Christian council announced 3 days national prayers and fasting for the country to have piece throughout the general election.

The chairperson of council and also Arch Bishop of Kampala diocese Dr. Ciprian Kizito Lwanga said the prayers will be led by the Catholic, Orthodox Church, and church of Uganda.

Father Nicholas Bayego the parish priest of St. Nicolas Cathedral Namungoona has prayed for transparency to prevail throughout the electoral process by not intimidating any body, bribe them or force them to what's illegal.

He further added that there is life beyond the general election as the service is still on going.

The church of Uganda will lead prayers for peace at Namirembe Cathedral on Wednesday.